Thursday, June 5, 2014

Like Mother, Like Daughter

When we drop all our distractions, we see that nature is the most entertaining, Manuel Antonio 2014

They say we look alike, from the neck down anyway. They say we act alike, which we certainly do in some ways. They say "Like mother, like daughter" or in our case "Moe and Smo".

I had been waiting for this moment since the second I arrived in Costa Rica. Whenever I felt lonely, homesick, fascinated and aw-struck I thought of this moment at the airport when I could wrap my arms around my mom. Five months of thoughts, experiences and emotions suddenly manifested themselves in tears. Tears of happiness, tears of emotional release, bitter-sweet tears, because I knew this moment was fleeting and that the time with her would pass by in the blink of an eye. Nonetheless, the moment of anticipation had arrived, my mom had arrived in Costa Rica.

Horseback riding down to the Rio Reventazon, Finca Monte Claro
I had been anticipating this moment for months, yet I had not anticipated what a profound impact this visit would have on my relationship with her. This was the first time I had ever spent two whole weeks with just my mom, and the first time where she was in 'my home' rather than vice versa.

What this time revealed to me was that she is a person too. I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous. Of course she is a person. I suppose what I am trying to say is that I am now seeing my parents as people, as equals. Rather than 'mom and dad' that fed me, clothed me and told me what to do.

Sometimes this realization is difficult. Growing up I saw my parents like super heros. They were always there for me, always put up a united front, always highlighted the best characteristics of themselves and others to show good examples. I didn't see my parent's stress or their strengths and weaknesses. So as I grew into a young adult and coming to terms with some of these things can be, surprising, off-putting, relieving, showing...challenging. However the flip side to this realization is beautiful. I am beginning to see what a strong, independent and sensitive woman my mother is. I am so grateful to have a woman in my life that I can share my doubts with and that I know will never judge my stupidest actions. I am so grateful to have a mother that is honest with me, that is courageous enough to show me her weaknesses, share some of her craziest memories and youthful enough to have a drink with us "Merrickville kids" on a summer Friday night. 

We had a wonderful two weeks in Turrialba and Manuel Antonio, we went to the market and bought fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked delicious food and ate until we were stuffed, went horseback riding through the mountains, spent hours watching birds, basked in the sunshine, read by the pool and savoured the sunsets.

I hope so share more memories with you soon Mom.