Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Boy and Fruit-flies

 Hotel Mariposa, Manuel Antonio

I have been mulling over in my mind how to write my next post. How do I bundle up two weeks with my mom into 500 words? How do I express every word perfectly so that you all interpret it exactly how I intended? How do I give you all the insight into my life without feeling too vulnerable? But then I stopped myself, thought about it, and I realized two things:

1. If I wait for every word to be perfect, I will never complete another blog post.
2. I shouldn't be afraid of being internet-vulnerable a) because that is kind of the point of this blog b) Heather, beyond your family and friends, not many people really care what you have to say.

Yet, here I am, struggling to find the courage to type out these words, thinking of what my parents told me when I was younger, "be careful to put anything in writing". With the lack of privacy these days I am constantly thinking of what the repercussions of my actions...or rather words...or uploads, will have not only today but for the rest of my life. Like, what if I become famous or something and they find this blog? More likely, it will just be my next employer...and the employer after that.

So after all that, I am going to continue writing my blog and explain the real reasons I have been so absent.


I have been waging a one-woman war against what seems an endless army of fruit-flies. The downfalls of fresh fruits, right? But seriously, where do these things comes from? I have tried cleaning all the dishes, sanitizing the counters, making fruit-fly traps (which are very effective), but there are always more! My god, I even found them on my toothbrush the other day. The worse part, they have allies! Ormigas (Ants in English). They have an airforce and an army! So this has been rather physically exhausting (constant cleaning), mentally challenging (how do I put literally all the food I have into my small fridge? It is like a puzzle) and psychologically traumatizing (this is disgusting and any house guests will think I am dirty).

So yes, this has been taking up quite a bit of time, but Heather, let's be honest, the fruit-flies have not been that demanding of your time.

Okay okay okay...

A Boy

Everyone said "Oh Heather you will go to Costa Rica and fall in love with a Costa Rican boy and never come back", I smiled politely and kind of giggled to myself on the inside. I was going to Costa Rica with my career in mind: learn Spanish, gain experience in the field, get out of my parent's basement.

Yet it turns out those people were right...well kind of. I found a boy...but he is not Costa Rican and I haven't abandoned all my life's ambitions to stay here forever (Dad you can breathe now).

There is definitely something to be said about those Latin boys...or at least this Latin boy. I don't know if it is his big brown eyes, the way he rolls his Rrrr's when he says my name, how he can walk through a forest and pick a handful of different fresh fruits to eat, or how passionate he is about his work, family, life...aaaaaand some other things. It is definitely a combination of all them. And not just these things...but that is all I am giving you for today. I most certainly need to write a post called "Love in Translation" because there are so pretty funny interactions (slash) misinterpretations when you don't speak the same language.

I promise to put up another post soon, I know you will all be dying to hear about how I progress with the fruit-flies.

Hibiscus, Hotel Mariposa, Manuel Antonio

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