Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pana Puppies

This won't be a long post (although I tell myself this every time). I just wanted to update everyone on these cute little bundles of fur! 

So I went to give the puppies some food one night after work. I knew where they were, but hadn't had a chance to see them yet. Poor Pana had them in an old aqueduct pipe. Anyway so I am walking to give them food and I see people there at a distance, with a broom and a box. I got a bit closer and they began walking away and I could see puppies in their hands! I immediately began panicking. Where were they going? Were they taking Pana? Who were they? 

After a couple of Heather-acting-like-a-crazy-person phone calls and Facebook messages I was relieved to find out that a student from CATIE had taken them to her home in Turrialba, all 8 of them. 

Josique and I went to visit them on the weekend....and I don't need to tell you how cute they are...

Best buds


5 of the puppies already have homes waiting for them in a month, and this will be Pana's new home. 

I guess sometimes there are happy endings...

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